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Our company

The company was founded by David Bobolowski. The trained telecommunication engineer started in 1975
in a workshop in Lörrach with the production of power transformers and later the development and
production of electric motors as well as chokes. Already early on, David Bobolowski realized that, in addition
to the products he had manufactured, motors could also be repaired. His abilities quickly spread, so
mechanical engineering companies sent their servomotors to Lörrach for repair. In 1982, today's BOB
Bobolowski GmbH was founded in the Robert Bosch Street in Steinen. From this point on, David
Bobolowski began to develop and manufacture servomotors, DC motors and a whole range of linear
motors. Well known manufacturers of automatic placement machines had a great interest in
motors made by Bobolowski. From these series, the DTL was developed as a tubular motor, which
- due to its unique technology – still has a key feature in the market. The main goal of the
company founder was not only the renewal of the drive motors, but also the efficient improvement.
Thanks to a highly qualified engineer team, Bobolowski has continued an innovative
development in drive technology. After the death of the company’s founder in 2002, his wife Doris
Bobolowski and his son Peter Bobolowski (Grad. Business Manager), took over the management
of the Company. All motor series are developed
and manufactured at the Steinen site. An ever-expanding sales structure, also in the form of
sales branches in Germany and abroad, is currently being worked on.