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LMS-P 35 - Synchron-Linear-Motoren

Flat shaped Linear Motors LMS-P series

The Primary Unit of the LMS-P35 and LMS-P58 Motors consists of a multi-phase iron-core winding.
The motor is provided by a patented magnet-geometry and a high specific capacity force, less
“cogging”, low mass and a compact construction. Primary Units are available up to 6 different widths and 3 different lengths.

The Secondary Unit is mainly built of permanent magnets. Secondary Units are available  in 6
different length, fitting to the width of the Primary units (see Data Sheets) They can be
mounted with a division of 32 mm (LMS-P 35) or a division of 37 mm (LMS-P 58). The stainless
steel cover plate of the Secondary Unit provides a mechanical protection of the magnets and
allows easy maintenance. Multiple assembled Secondary Units can be used for one Primary Unit.

For using in Portal assembly two separately mounted Primary Units can be operated with
simultaneous speed. Cooling elements (optional) provide warmth reduction and allow a higher
loadability and continuous work to the whole application.

The given values apply for the assembly of a Primary Unit on a sufficiently dimensioned heat
sink ( min. three times bigger than the flange area, made of Aluminum, t= 12 mm ) with a winding
temperature of 130 °C and an ambient Temperature of 20 °C when cooled.

Here you will find the appropriate motor:

Please chose the required force